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  OHM PRASANTHI SPIRIUTAL SOCIETY  plans to establish  DIVINE SCHOOLS in the villages of Tamil Nadu.  The objective is to inculcate the principles and practices enunciated by our ancient sages from childhood of village children so that they will live a purposeful life in accordance with tamil culture and tradition.

Children from the age of 3 years and above will be admitted in the divine school and contimue their education and training for 2years before going to regular modern school. They will be taught the Tamil alphabets and the poems of the following Tamil moral literature full of guiding principles which are very simple to understand, memorize and sing vocally.

1. Athichudi                 2. Kondraiventhan                 3. Moothurai                 4. Nalvazhi                 5. Nurunthogai

The children will be taught and trained in worshiping deferent deities. They will also be trained in good manners and behaviors. They will also be trained in simple yogasans and physical exercises.

The Children of the divine school will have regular contact and attendance in the evening hours even after they left the school at the age of 5 and joined their regular school education for getting the required coaching and tuition in their regular studies. In addition, they will also be taught the following tamil poetical literature which will explain virtuous and righteous path to be followed in life.

a. Thirukkural         b. Naladiyar         c. Viveka Chinthamani         d. Nanneri         e. Thirumanthiram

In addition, they will also be taught yogashnas, meditation, scientific astrology, bajans, etc. They will also be exposed to religious life with lectures on well established Doctrine of major religions in the world by introducing to them Vedas, Bagavathgitha, Kuran and Bible.

To start with, a divine school will be started in the native village of the Founder of Ohm Prasanthi Spiritual Society. For this purpose the founder has donated his ancestral 54 cents land located at the heart of the village and very near to 800 years old Siva Temple of Sri Markendeswar. In order to have a congenial atmosphere of an ashram, the Guruji of the school will be a learned scholar well versed in spiritual life, family life, divine practices, virtues and dharmas, astrology, yogashnas, meditation, siddha medicine. He will be lovable, patient, good mannered, soft spoken, peaceful, healthy, honourable, setting an example to the villagers and the children. He will be strictly adhering to the principles and commandments of Ohm Prasanthi Spiritual Society without any deviations.

The premises of divine school will have 100 tall coconut trees, 9 short coconut trees and 4 neem trees to symbolically represent the main subjects to be learned during their study in the school as given below:

a) 70 Tall Coconut trees indicate the commandments by Thirukkural that are to be followed in life of human being to attain Divine life.

b) 30 Tall Coconut trees indicate the requirements to be met by everyone of the land, the Government and the Society in which the human being is born to live.

c) 9 Short Coconut trees indicate the Tamil moral poetical literatures besides Kural which are giving moral guiding principles, virtuous and righteous path to be followed in life to attain divine life.

d) 4 Neem trees indicate the sacred writings of major religions of the world viz Vedas, Bagavathgitha, Kuran & Bible.

Ohm Prasanthi Spiritual Society has set an objective to establish such divine schools in the villages wherever possible having a total decentralized Trusts for the operations and management of the schools.
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